New blog. Who dis?

I’ve always wanted to setup a blog for my personal website to push myself to write more. Over the years, I’ve built many variations of Wordpress and Bootstrap sites that were too costly to host or had too much overhead to maintain. I’ve also tried Medium, but something about the polishedness of the platform felt like a barrier for me to write freely.

I’ve often admired the simplicity of text based personal sites I’ve seen many product people and VCs adopt, but personally lacked the technical skills or patience to set one up. Even when I did, I was blocked by my lack of knowledge navigating a command line interface or was met with fatal permissions trying to install packages.

Then somehow this weekend the stars magically aligned when I came across Hexo, a simple javascript blog framework. One quick test running the npm install quickly snowballed into me editing js files and tweaking changes on my localhost.

A few hours later, I have a blog deployed on Github Pages, a design I’m happy with and a workflow setup where I can write and deploy builds from my iPad. I’ll write another post about that experience.

So what can you expect from this site? Honestly, it will mostly be short essays about things I care about: product management, tech, photography, travel and maybe a bit of parenthood lessons. Again, my goal is to write more and get ideas out of my head. If there’s anything you might find interesting, DM me.

More to come.